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On our website you can find best interior lighting ideas. Lighting plays a critical role in creation of any interior or exterior design. Watch pictures of various lights and interiors, different design ideas. Maybe these photographs will inspire you to create a great design of your house, garden, office, bathroom, kitchen or any other place. Find these lights on our website or on sites of our partners. May the light be with you!
Interior lighting.
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The comfort of modern apartments depends on the quality of lighting. With the help of lighting we are able to completely change the perception even of the most boring interior. Features of latest lighting systems are so great that placement can be presented in different ways without any rearrangement of furniture depending on situation. Traditional chandelier or ceiling lights, still enshrined in the center of the room, floor lights and sconces with static directions of light, do not meet current demands in home lighting. The main criteria today is mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining the comfort of scattered or reflected light with moving light accents created by bright beams of directional light.
Ceiling lights in the form of a sphere or a hemisphere create a very nice lighting with a mild shadow creating properties and uniform distribution of brightness of light reflected from the surface of walls, ceiling and floor. They are opaque and do not transmit a blinding light, breaking the direct rays.
Scattered light derived from them, has the highest ratio value and is best for general lighting. Positioning of such lights can be completely free, they can "travel" across the top plane of the room. The same type of lighting can also create halogen lamps mounted on metal structures, or mounted in a pendant or stretch ceilings.

There is a lighting scheme in which lighting fixtures are hidden in ledges in the wall, this method visually increases the amount of space in a room and emphasizes the benefits of interior design.

Chandeliers still remain elements of general lighting, especially in houses performed in classic style. However, their center-location is not necessary, a light should be placed where it is really needed, for example, over a lunch or a seating areas.

It is also possible to use floor lights for this purpose. You only need to select models in which changing the position of lamp bracket and rotation of knob angle of the light elements is possible. If you think that the lamps are out of date, you should know that recently they have changed a lot and modern models may fit your interior so well that can become an integral and beloved part of it.

Decorative lighting will add completeness and universality to any interior. You can highlight the most advantageous parts of apartments like niches, massive floor vases, sculptures and more by direct rays of light. Very interesting light scheme can be created by installing light fixtures into the wall on one line, when each one will highlight only a small niche creating the effect of windows. Alternatively, floor lights with light beams directed to the wall make the interior mysterious.

Bathroom Lights
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Lighting can divide bathroom into different zones. After all, you are doing only several things in bathroom: washing, shaving, doing make-up and lying in a bath filled with water. These processes are taking place in different parts of a bathroom, so each of them should have been lightened in a special way. ...