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General recommendations on bathroom lighting
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Bathroom Lights

One source of light in bathroom is enough only if the bathroom is very small. Note that in addition to general bathroom lighting, the mirror should be properly lightened. Shaving and make-up are daily needs that require proper lighting.

To make up it is better to locate lights on both sides of the mirror, and for shaving the light should fall from above. A perfect solution is to set lights on three sides of the mirror with different switches for the lateral and upper sides. Of course you can make only one top source of light.

Lighting can divide bathroom into different zones. After all, you are doing only several things in bathroom: washing, shaving, doing make-up and lying in a bath filled with water. These processes are taking place in different parts of a bathroom, so each of them should have been lightened in a special way.

Bathroom can and should be originally ligtened.

Practical advice on bathroom lighting.

A combination of general and local lighting (mirror zone and zone of water treatment) is usually used in bathroom.

Light source should be bright and evenly illuminate your face without creating shadows.

Light source should not be blinding.

Direct light must not shine into the eyes, including the light reflected from the mirror surface.

We recommend to use a rheostat (dimmer) for both local and general lights.

Deep shadows are inappropriate. Therefore, we recommend lamps with shades that form scattered light.

Remember that lighting is the way to create bathroom zoning.

Do not be afraid to experiment with types of lights used in bathroom.

Lights installed in bathroom must be grounded themselves. A light bulb must be protected from water. Please note in which place and at what altitude it will be located, and what is the probability that water can get on a heated glass surface of the lamp.

Kitchen Lighting
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In kitchen lighting you can use a traditional ceiling light for low ceilings, pendant lights, spotlights combined with sources of local lights for "special purpose" (sconces, floor lights, table lights). Excellent effect can be achieved using lights on live rails. By moving its elements you can create new light scheme and, consequently, a new kitchen look.